The seminar for 2016 was held in the Portuguese village of Seixal, located 20km’s south of Lisbon in a beautiful natural bay. The event was hosted by Head instructor of Seiwakai, Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi, Leo Lipinski Hanshi and Rastislav Mráz Kyoshi, and organised by Abel Figueiredo Shihan, head of Seiwakai, Portugal. It was a large event with representatives from 13 countries, spanning all levels of karate. The event ran for 3 days, covering everything from basic techniques to kata, and finished with testing for both Seiwakai and the Japan Karate Federation. On Saturday night, students and instructors attended the formal dinner and were treated to traditional displays of Portuguese folk music and dancing, as well as a video display of the karate training from the previous two days, filmed and presented by Nuno Monteiro Fotografia Fine Art. It was a wonderful experience meeting students from other parts of the world, and fostering new friendships with people who all share a passion for the art of karate. Karate Academy Capalaba would like to extend their gratitude to the instructors and organisers of the seminar for hosting us and giving us the opportunity to take part in such an outstanding event.