Karate Academy Capalaba attended their first tournament for 2017 today, hosted by Sports Karate Australia, and it was a fantastic day! We had 20 students competing in the Gladiator tournament with the majority competing for the very first time, and we are proud to announce that along with all the medals, three of our students took home the champion trophies. Whilst our junior students were busy having fun, 5 of our senior students took part in the SKA tournament with brilliant results. Congratulations must go to all competitors for the fantastic effort you put in today. A big thank you to Shihan Rene at Sports Karate Australia for organising such a great event which introduces students to the world of competition. Thank you also to the numerous sensei and assistants from SKA for their refereeing and judging, and for assisting the students throughout the day. Lastly, thank you to the parents for bringing the children along to experience the joy of competing. Sensei Amanda and Sensei Gordon are very proud of every one of our students and to all the fellow competitors who took part in this competition today.

Results are listed below:


  • Jake Wright
  • Keyaan Tarikh
  • Max Miller
  • Madeleine Thrower
  • Demi Baird
  • James Bryant
  • Sarah Bryant
  • Ella Wynn
  • Jordyn Mosegaard
  • Eamonn Grieve
  • Drew Jones
  • Eden Baird
  • Declan Moore
  • Milo McFarlane
  • Charlotte Lentini
  • Logan Turner
  • Aiesha Hamilton
  • Billy Wright
  • Dallas Haku
  • Isadora White

Fun times at the Gladiator and SKA Tournament


Kata Competition

  • Jemar Miranda
  • Jethro Miranda
  • Bonnie Saunders


Kumite Competiton

  • Jemar Miranda
  • Jethro Miranda
  • Alex de Vries
  • Niamh McGowan
  • Bonnie Saunders