Well it was a very wet start to the year, but that didn’t stop our new cohort of students from attending the opening of our second dojo at Crestmead PCYC. Despite the crazy weather, the staff at the PCYC welcomed us with open arms.

Our new hall is very spacious and, even better, it’s fully air-conditioned for those sweltering, summer training sessions. Students in both our junior and senior classes were introduced to the basic structure of a karate class, including the very important bow in and bow out, an integral part of Japanese culture which demonstrates respect and humility. We also covered the finer art of how to tie the ‘obi’, or karate belt. Students (and parents!) embraced this activity with vigour.

It was lovely to welcome a fresh group of students, eager to develop their minds and bodies through the pursuit of martial arts. We look forward to guiding you on this journey and helping you to achieve your goals.

(Thank you very much)

Sensei Amanda